This is a spin-off of a campaign begun in 2009 that charts the adventures of a band of amnesiacs seeking safety from hunters whose identity they don’t really know or understand.

In this campaign we see things from the point of view of a small group of hunters, whose travels begin with the goal of capturing a second band of refugees like the ones at the heart of the first campaign. Amnesia plagues both the hunters and the hunted, leaving little but a base drive to fulfil their respective roles. Both parties will have to decide the kinds of people they are within those roles.

This game of cats and mice plays out across a terrifying world, whose environment has been devastated by long-dead civilizations, populated by their leftover experiments and the dregs of whatever gene pools have managed to survive.

Your long-term goals

  • Restore your memories.
  • Figure out where you are.
  • Figure out how to get home, whatever and wherever ‘home’ is…

Short-term goals

  • Capture, or kill if left no other choice, those who have defied the natural order.


EverythingIsUnthinkable: The Hunters

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