The 'Dogs'

The Dogs – 14, 15 and 16

Tools of the hunters that they must be very respectful of, due to the creatures ability to exhibit almost superhuman strength in short bursts and the incredible appetites that this creates in them. They are obedient and smarter than a regular dog, but while they are very deferential to Gloriana there does seem to be a begrudging aspect to their behaviour when ordered about by Artegal.

14 has had his fur bleached several shades lighter than the others, thanks to an involuntary dip in an area of highly acidic ocean along the coast, closer to the second lighthouse they’ve encountered in their journeys.

Poor old 15 had his throat cut by a strange seal-man thing during their travel northward, from the lighthouse where they captured Mnemosyne. Coupled with injuries suffered during the capture of Mnemosyne, he perished.

16, if he recovers from the wound he received at the hand of another seal-man thing, will have a very red and angry scar across his throat.

The 'Dogs'

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